Together for West Philadelphia

Kris S Guru

Guru, Kris, S1
Faculty / Advisor: Gluch, Dr. Joan1
Advisor/Community Preceptor: Waldoks, Risa2
1University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Department of Preventive and Restorative Sciences, Division of Community Oral Health
2Together for West Philadelphia Group Leader, Community Outreach


Together for West Philadelphia is an organization that had the main missions to facilitate collaboration among the West Philadelphia community to have a greater impact in the areas such as health, education, food access and opportunity. Together for West Philadelphia also tries to bring in the younger generation into collaboration with its general missions and bring them into the community as well. Overall, this organization’s goals are fantastic.

Project Overview

Facilitate Collaboration Among the West Philadelphia Community


The outcomes of our project were actually fantastic. We were able to do the best with the Block By Block Newsletter because we were actually able to send them out to the community members for them to actually use. We were able to compile them and put them into pdfs for them to use and I am sure that especially during the pandemic, they were able to make good use out of it. In addition, the other projects had great outcomes as well and especially for the Penn Dental Medicine project, we are hoping to get that started some time in the near future. Together for West Philadelphia did a great job overall in putting these projects together and sending them out.