Maximizing Gingival Esthetics for Anterior Implant Restorations with the use of CERECĀ® Digital Scanning and Milling

Caitlin R Bryan

Bryan, Caitlin R
University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Department of Preventive and Restorative Sciences


One of the most challenging aspects of making anterior restorations in the oral cavity look natural is idealizing the emergence profile, especially when restoring implants. Even if the shape, shade, translucency, and all aspects of the crown look natural, if the gingival contour is incorrect, the restoration will look fake.


To create the emergence profile, a precise provisional restoration is required and may need to be continually modified to specifically manipulate the gingival adaptation at pontic sites and implant sites alike.


Once this is achieved, a final impression that captures the gingival contour can be used to create a definitive restoration with ideal esthetics.


CEREC ® digital impressions may be used to capture both hard and soft tissue details and fabricate milled restorations utilizing these scans.