Educating Recent Immigrants on Oral Health in Collaboration with NSC

Kevin A. Chavez

Chavez, Kevin A., Kwak, Hannah
Faculty / Advisor: Sheridan, Olivia
University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Department of Preventive and Restorative Sciences


Immigrants that have recently come to the US vary in their education and oral health knowledge. The population of Refugees and Asylees has been increasing due to persecution, human right abuses, and war. Since 1975, there have been more than 3 million refugees that have come to the US from all over the world.


Our goal was to create an oral health curriculum in collaboration with NSC. We used our prior dental knowledge to create material to hand out to NSC clients, most of them being people that have recently immigrated to the US.


An oral health curriculum was created in order to better educate recent immigrants on their oral health. This will allow them to better navigate the health care system. This curriculum will be published by NSC.


Immigrants can be empowered through knowledge. Through this oral health curriculum, we can educate our patients on their oral health in simple terms that they can understand.